Monday, May 2, 2011

The Beverage Sacrilege

Any beverage—especially when held in a plastic container—should be stored at room temperature, away from the fridge. There's something to be said for a refreshment made cold by ice cubes. The way it reaches equilibrium with the soda surrounding it. The texture of ice trapped against your teeth, tongue and glass. The varying degrees of temperature and their individual sensations—the cold mist floating above surface that hits your lips and the warmth hidden deep below your drink's ocean. The special way it tastes as the ice disperses the caramel coloring. The alarming prevalence of time recognized, summoning you to seize the goodness before it's gone—things never stay just right for long. In time, the ice there to help perverts your drink's purity and things water down to mediocrity. Worse yet they reach room temperature, where all is uniform. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When there's ice involved, capture the fading moment's advantage before it melts. Cooling systems are Lucifer before a Christian—too simple, sheltered, predictable and commonplace. Shun the fridge.

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  1. i have an obnoxious love for kitsch

    whiskey stones are great, but i agree sometimes the water is nice