Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy week! Got so much done:

  • Sat in the shower clutching my knees
  • Half-heartedly searched for work
  • Vomited contemplating the expanding universe
  • Photographed a dead bird
  • Drank alone
  • Watched 7 Bergman films in one sitting (drank during the dramatic parts)
  • Became born again
  • Begged the Lord to end the pain
  • Wanked to Dylan Sprouse of The Suite Life: On Deck
  • Scolded a child for smiling
  • Attempted to slit my wrists with a disposable face razor
  • Enjoyed some popcorn
  • Watched The Rape of Nanking
  • Drew a still life with Mother's ashes
  • Overdosed
  • Bought okra from Walmart
  • Rocked some Enya
  • Picked apart rose petals saying only, "She loves me not..."

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